Tainan Food Culture in a Nutshell

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Starting from the coolest hotel U.I.J in Tainan, we can witness the development and evolution of the prefectural city in the journey through the city gate. Tainan is the first city developed in Taiwan. Tainan had been ruled and colonized by external nations during the past 400 years, and many precious historical sites and architectures have been left. In the walking tour lasting for 1 hour, we will take you to lanes in Tainan. At the street corners ignored by you, the historical track and stories hidden in the lanes are preserved on this land. Tainan food culture is developed and inherited in such a city. Why do the Taiwanese visit Tainan to taste the delicious food during the weekends and vacations? Where can we find delicious food which Tainan people are proud of? We will take you to reveal the answers.


❥ Walking tour: We will take you to know Tainan within 1 hour by starting from U.I.J Hotel. ❥ Local people will help you understand what the Taiwanese eat in Tainan. ❥ Take a journey to find the delicious food and food stories. We will tell you how to find cate in the local place. ❥ Shuttle back and forth in the lanes of Tainan and search the track of history and food culture.


Xiao’s Chastity and Filial Piety Archway – As a level three ancient monument, it was built in 1800 AD. It is one of the 4 stone memorial archways of Qing Dynasty which still exist today, and the only memorial archway commending chastity and filial piety among the 7 ones in the prefectural city. ❥ Original Sign of Xiaoximen – Xiaoximen was originally built in 1775, and its name was Jingbo Gate. Jingbo means to pray for the stopping of sea wave. At that era, the sea was located to the west of Ximen Road, and there were many water channels near Xiaoximen. Besides, it was next to the sea, and the cargo ship had to travel in good weathers, so the name of Jingbo was taken to pray for good weathers. In 1970, Xiaoximen located at Fengjia Road (before No. 688 Ximen Road) was faced with the dismantling crisis owing to road widening. Later, National Cheng Kung University agreed to accept Xiaoximen, so it was moved to Guangfu Campus of National Cheng Kung University. ❥ Bing Cherry Hair Salon – It is located in the well-known Su’s Old House. As a foreign-style building seated in the circular ring, it has a history of more than 80 years. It attracted high attention in 1923 when it was built. As a famous architecture in Tainan, it is called “Su’s Wuliancuo”.

Tainan Food Culture in a Nutshell


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Xiao’s Chastity and Filial Piety Archway
Bing Cherry Hair Salon
Tainan traditonal street food tour
7:30 PM - Nanchang Baoan Temple

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Nanchang Baoan Temple No. 90, Bao’an Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan

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