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Group Tour 2.5 Hours Foot minimum 4

The Chines paper cutting may date back to the time of invention of paper in China. It was originally a folk tradition implying happiness and prosperity for religious purposes. Paper cutting is a way of making an art piece by cutting paper into various patterns, originally patterns were classic for worshiping and blessing. Since paper became more affordable, it’s becoming an art to cutting paper into more creative patterns. This workshop will be held in a old flat in Dadaocheng. The area is the origin of Taiwan cultural and economic development. This area nowadays still represents the heart of Taipei for traditional lifestyle and is the place people crowd into for Chinese New Year’s shopping. However, it is also undergoing a revival as a hub for variety of galleries, coffee shops and hipster handicraft shop. The mixture of tradition and new developments makes the neighborhood to be one of the most cool and vibrant area in Taiwan. Xuqing is our paper cutting artisit, she will be a give you a guidance for this workshop. She will customize different theme relevant to Taiwan elements for this workshop every month and play a magic to mix the tradition elements and modern designs as a demonstration, your final paper cutting will be based on her creative designs. The three-hour workshop will give you a chance to learn Taiwan culture and pottery handicraft with your kid, this is the best way to explore Taiwan local lifestyle. In the end of class, you will have you unique souvenir made by yourself as a best memory you can never imaged.


❥ You gonna have a chance to know more about Taiwan. ❥ You will have your final work as a best souvenir. ❥ The theme of design will be related to Taiwan origin. Theme will be designed by the studio owner irregularly. ❥ After the fun creative time, you will be offered a set of afternoon tea in one of the best café in Dadaocheng and enjoy the relaxing time.


❥ Beginners are welcome. ❥ This is a workshop for adult, participants over 15 years old are welcome. ❥ This workshop is for group size 4-10 persons. If you are a solo person or smaller groups, we may need to reschedule your booking to join other groups another day and we may need to cancel due to the minimum of participants.

Paper Cutting Magic


9:00 AM - Introduction
9:30 AM - Demonstration
10:00 AM - Paper cutting experience
11:30 AM - End of the class

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Tuesday and Thursday

Meeting Point

DearTaiwan Studio

When to book?

Book at least 2 days in advance

  • A brief introduction of Dadaocheng, the historical place our studio situated in Taipei.
  • A demonstrate how to make a Chinese paper cutting design.
  • Make your own piece of art, and our lovely lecturer will help you from the beginning to the end hand by hand. We will be all around for instruction and assistant.
  • Your final work
  • Digital copy of your photos during workshop by email.
  • The materials of paper cutting
  • The tools
  • Snacks
  • Guidance
  • Pick-up and drop-off service can be customized, details can be requested by email
  • Design can be customized, please talk to us by email at least 2 week before the workshop, we will quote for different cases.
  • Beginners are welcome
  • Prepared yourself in local experiences
  • We may provide working aprons for you, however, please dress suitably for workshop activities for your own comfort.
  • We need to use scissors during the workshop, you should be conscious and focus during the activities.   
Cancel Policy

❥ Cancellation 15 days prior to the tour start day will be refunded 85% of the full payment.    Cancellation 10 days prior to the tour start day will be refunded 50% of the full payment.    Cancellation 10 days before the tour start day will have no refund. ❥ Reservation and cancellation are necessary for us to control the quality of a tour. ❥ Travel will not be cancelled on rainy days. Cancellation will only be cancelled if the government cancels the work or if the conditions are considered to be very dangerous weather, such as a typhoon. ❥ Cancellation can be initiated by email (, we will get back to you within 24 hours. ❥ DearTaiwan reserves the right to alter itinerary or cancel tour under certain conditions such as bad weather, minimum of participants other uncontrollable situations.


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