Fun Excursions for Kids

Private Tour 5 Days Private Car minimum 2

Taiwan is small, but it is comparatively well-endowed with rugged natural parks containing very tall mountains, and beaches. Enjoy a five-day private tour exploring the classic sights of Taiwan. Visit Taiwan's cities, mountains, and beaches while getting a taste of local cuisine and exploring vibrant cultures.


❥ Talk to the animals at Flying Cow Ranch ❥ Explore the natural beauty and cultural wonders of Taiwan. ❥ Spend quality time with your family while getting to know Taiwan.


Taipei Zoo – The largest zoo in Asia and home to Yuan Zai the panda, for animal lovers this is a must visit. The zoo was originally founded in 1914 by a Japanese citizen as a private zoological garden, and after the ROC relocation to Taiwan became a public zoo under the Taipei City government. ❥ Maokong Gondola – The Maokong Gondola whisks passengers up a four-kilometre journey into the Maokong district, which was traditionally a tea-growing region but is now focussed mostly on tourism. ❥ Flying Cow Ranch – Nice farm to walk around and suitable for family with young kids to get introduction on live farm animals. ❥ Tamsui – Home to a variety of western colonial, Japanese, southern Fujianese, and native Taiwanese cultural and architectural attractions, Tamsui is a must visit location for all visitors to the Taipei area. Most renowned for its amazing sunset landscape.

Fun Excursions for Kids


Day 1 - Arrival at Taipei International Airport and explore Taipei
❥ Fly into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei.

❥ Depending on time available and weather, this may include a look at Taipei Botanical Garden, a visit to Taipei 101 and its observatory for sunset views over the city, a soak in a hot spring, or a stroll around Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (a landmark dedicated to Taiwan and Nationalist China’s former leader).

Day 2 - Taipei Zoo & Maokong Gondola
❥ Away from the city center, Taipei Zoo & Maokong gondola are the best choices. The baby panda is one of the hottest super stars in Taipei!

❥ Taking a gondola to Maokong is a fun choice. Maokong Gondola Station is only a few steps from the zoo. The gondola takes you onto a mountain full of tea gardens. After having a cup of tea, take a walk on the well-organized hiking trail, suitable for all ages.

Day 3 - Flying Cow Ranch & Fruit Picking Farm
❥ Flying Cow Ranch Near Taipei city, Flying Cow Ranch is one of the best choices for a family trip. Besides seeing and touching animals in the ranch, you’ll have the chance to milk a cow or feed a goat. Kids enjoy the practical activities on the ranch.

❥ Visiting a fruit farm which allows you pick the fruit yourself is another good idea. It’s a nice opportunity for kids to learn how the fruit has been grown.

Day 4 - Tamsui Northern Coast
❥ Off to the seaside! Today we’ll take a look at Taiwan’s rugged north coast via Tamsui. One of the most visible landmarks in this historic riverside town is the castle-like Fort San Domingo, built by the Dutch on the site of a Spanish stockade, then later occupied by the British. A fun thing to do while in Tamsui is take the ferry across the estuary to Bali, an even smaller town but a good place to see crabs and mudskippers.

❥ After Tamsui and Bali, we can enjoy seafood at nearby Fuji Fishing Harbour, splash in the water at the beach called Baishawan (‘white sand bay’) or continue northeast along the coast, stopping wherever you want to take in the view or stretch your legs. Visiting a family-friendly hot spring is another option, as both Jinshan on the north coast and Yangmingshan National Park are riddled with places where naturally-heated mineral water rises to the surface.

Day 5 - Wrap up
❥ Whatever time your flight out, we’ll help you make the very most of your final day in Taiwan. Almost everyone agrees that just after daybreak, as the sun climbs up over the nearby peaks, is a splendid moment to appreciate the beauty of Sun Moon Lake.

❥ Depending on your schedule, we’ll visit Cien Pagoda and perhaps a pair of temples that preserve relics associated with Xuan Zang, a Buddhist monk revered for traveling from China to India in 7th century and translating religious texts.


Breakfast: 4

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Taipei International Airport




Taipei International Airport


5 days 4 nights

  • A professional English speaking tour guide
  • Four nights stay at 3 to 4-star hotels.
  • Admission tickets to all venues on itinerary
  • Breakfast each day
  • All transportation.
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Any optional activities not on itinerary
  • Gratuity

Cancellation Policy

Cancel Policy

❥ Cancellation 15 days prior to the tour start day will be refunded 85% of the full payment.    Cancellation 10 days prior to the tour start day will be refunded 50% of the full payment.    Cancellation 10 days before the tour start day will have no refund. ❥ Reservation and cancellation are necessary for us to control the quality of a tour. ❥ Travel will not be cancelled on rainy days. Cancellation will only be cancelled if the government cancels the work or if the conditions are considered to be very dangerous weather, such as a typhoon. ❥ Cancellation can be initiated by email (, we will get back to you within 24 hours. ❥ DearTaiwan reserves the right to alter itinerary or cancel tour under certain conditions such as bad weather, minimum of participants other uncontrollable situations.


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