Jinguashi & Jiufen - A Tour of the Golden Past

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Hill of No Return. A City of Sadness. Tragedies cannot exist without beauty. Perhaps that is why some of the best Taiwanese historical tragedy movies were filmed at this tiny corner of Northeast Taiwan. A gold rush boosted these hidden villages since 1890. The most luxurious goods and entertainments in Taiwan were gathered in Jinguashi and Jiufen. Then all the gloss dimmed as the mines drained. What is left is the beauty and tranquility of Jinguashi and Jiufen, interwoven with mountains, coastline, and mist. Walking along trails and stairs, a whole new panorama comes to your sight with each stop. And the relics remain. The deserted mining facilities spreading along mountain slopes outline a once-flourishing industry. The clusters of dwellings and the organized Japanese residences, the shrine and the temple, indicate the diverse and complex aspects of predecessors' lives. With the passage of time, the past of migration has been precipitated and condensed here. Jinguashi and Jiufen stay as a witness that tells the most vivid stories if you are willing to explore and listen.


❥ Unearth the heritage of a century-old gold rush ❥ Take a deep breath amid mountains and coast ❥ Immerse yourself in the vivid multicultural history ❥ Indulge yourself in the art of tea


1st stop: Jinguashi - Open the Time Capsule It is almost a miracle that the deserted mining site and the settlement remain so intact in Jinguashi. One may stroll in this open air museum, literally. We may walk along a trolley track for mine transportation or raise our heads to see the elegant mining aqueduct and bridge. Imagine a past life when you walk through the lane in front of the former Japanese settlement. These wooden residences are the blend of rusticity and sophistication, conveying a philosophy of life. If you are seeking some spiritual inspiration conserved from the Japanese era, let's climb up a bit to the mountain. The Shinto Shrine was dedicated to Kami (spirits) of metallurgy. A magnificent festival was held here every summer. Nowadays the ruin may not recall the glory, but the delightful view of mountains is definitely a treat. Last but not least, we must visit the Gold Museum to discover more about this industry. It is estimated that more than 200 tons of gold still remain in Jinguashi . Wouldn't you like to know more? ❥ 2nd Stop: Jiufen - Brew a Pot of Tea in Clouds At first sight, you may be stunned by the crowd of visitors. It is exactly the vigor of the masses that is so attractive. The whole town was austerely built around the mountain, revealing the traces of the influx of miners one century ago. No one can resist crowding into the narrow old streets and being as excited as going on a treasure hunt. In the countless tiny shops along the streets, the tastiest Taiwanese snacks and the loveliest handicrafts are tempting the passers-by. The alleys turn and bent, then go up and down, increasing the fun of exploration. In case you are dazzled by all the novel things you find, or your full stomach keeps you from walking, have a rest at the viewpoints where mountains, the Pacific Ocean and clouds are playing a majestic symphony. Finally, if the panorama does not take all your breath away, we will lead you to our favorite tea house. Just sit down and be peacefully surrounded by clouds. And then the aroma of tea, the solemnity of the tea ceremony, and the savoring of fine tea will delight you profoundly.

Jinguashi & Jiufen - A Tour of the Golden Past


9:00 AM - Pick up from your hotel
10:00 AM - Jinguashi exploring
The ruins of Jinguashi mines, the Golden Waterfalls (黃金瀑布), the Yin-yang Sea (陰陽海), Jinguashi Shinto Shrine (金瓜石神社遺址) are the best spots travelers won’t miss, the further discovery are waiting behind depends on how much energy you have, some attractions such as South Yachi Rock (南雅奇岩), Baoshi Mountain trail (報時山步道), The Ruins of Liu-Keng (六坑廢墟), and a lot more secret spots our tour guide will take you to if you are looking for more adventure.
12:15 AM - Lunch time in Jinguashi
13:30 PM - Jiufen slow walk
Jiufen old street is a must-go to taste the local food and snakes, the mountain village is usually crowded but worth spending more time to grab a seat in a tea house to experience the romantic atmosphere and enjoy the best view of the sea.
17:00 PM - Drop off at your hotel

Inclusions ❥ Pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation in Taipei City ❥ 5-seater sedan/9-seater van ❥ Immerse yourself in the vivid multicultural history ❥ Indulge yourself in the art of tea Exclusions ❥ Food and drinks ❥ Gratuity


9:30 AM - 17:30 AM Everyday

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