Cool Tainan - Colonial treasures

Group Tour 6.5 Hours Foot and Bus Maximum 8

Whether you have just one day and want to see as much as possible, our Colonial Treasure Day Tour has got you covered. We'll hit the iconic sites, and the off the beaten path hidden gems and we will do it by foot and bus the way like local people do it everyday.


❥ 一次看懂台南的殖民歷史怎麼刻劃形塑今日台南 ❥ 從台南最酷的UIJ旅館展開,首站是代表華入中心思想源頭的孔廟,品嚐台南老街和老文化痕跡,殖民與傳統的交融, ❥ 台南中心與安平一日行,用一天的時間走跳於台南的新與舊,這些時代的積累如何造就今日台南的傲驕傲與包容. ❥ 看懂台南為何是台灣最傳統也最國際化的城市,歷史的軌跡怎麼緩慢得影響台灣人的生活與價值觀


Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple – The temple was built in 1663 by Zheng Jing, eldest son of Koxinga. It was renovated, modified and expanded in 1690. It was again renovated and expanded to its present form in 1716. A shrine for 3 generations of Guan Yu's family was added in 1725 for their worship, and in 1727, the temple's status was elevated to that of an official temple. ❥Chihkan Tower – Chihkan Tower is the oldest building in Tainan's West Central District, and along with Anping District's Anping Fort, are two of Tainan's most famous landmarks. ❥Anping Haishan Hostel – During the Qing dynasty the hostel housed Qing soldiers to defend Anping, under Japanese rule it was resold as private housing, and later it was reclaimed by the government for use as a heritage site. ❥Anping Old Fort – A combined Dutch military and commercial force captured modern day Anping in 1624, and built Fort Zeelandia as its defensive stronghold, which was completed in 1634. ❥Former Tait & Co. Merchant House – As one of only five foreign firms able to access the port at the time, the company's main business was exporting sugar, camphor and tea, while importing opium. Located adjacent to the harbor, it was an important trading post during a very prosperous period.

Cool Tainan - Colonial treasures


10:00 AM - UIJ Hotel & Hostel Pickups
10:15 AM - Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple
11:10 AM - Chikan Tower
12:30 PM - A Cai Beef Soup (Lunch)
1:10 PM - Anping Haishan Hostel
2:00 PM - Anping Old Fort
3:00 PM - Former Tait & Co. Merchant House
4:00 PM - End of the trip

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM Daily at 10:00 AM

When to book?

Book at least 2 days in advance

Meeting Point

U.I.J HOTEL&HOSTEL No. 5 Ln.115 You-ai St. West Central Dist. Tainan City

What to bring?

Comfortable walking shoes, bottle of water, a hat or other gears to protect you from the sun.


U.I.J HOTEL&HOSTEL No. 5 Ln.115 You-ai St. West Central Dist. Tainan City

Small group

No Microphones, Flags or scripts. A personal and intimate experience make you like a local.

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❥ Cancellation 30 days prior notice to the tour start day will be refunded 90% of the full payment, 20 days prior will be refunded 80%, 10 days prior will be refunded 70%, 2 days prior will be refunded 50%, 48 hours before the tour start day will allow for refund. ❥ Travel will not be cancelled on rainy days. Cancellation will only be cancelled if the government cancels the work or if the conditions are considered to be very dangerous weather, such as a typhoon. ❥ Cancellation can be initiated by email (, we will get back to you within 24 hours. ❥ DearTaiwan reserves the right to alter itinerary or cancel tours under certain conditions such as bad weather, minimum of participants or other uncontrollable situations.


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