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How to choose

Taiwan might be a tiny island but its vacation possibilities are endless. You can experience the bustling cities, lush green mountains and gorgeous sandy beaches all within a day. Western Taiwan forms the urban backbone of the island with all the major cities connected via high-speed rail. 

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is an energetic cultural hub with an abundance of famous historic and modern tourist spots – including the ancient Chinese artifacts displayed within the National Palace Museum and the breath-taking view from Taipei 101s viewing deck. 

Taichung offers a unique culinary experience from the famous Feng Jia night market to exquisite dining in the downtown district. If you prefer to travel to Taiwan via cruise, Kaohsiung will be the port of entry. South of Kaohsiung is Tainan, the called the Tokyo cultural heart of Taiwan with the historical sites that open a window to early Chinese and native Taiwanese traditions, 

Western Taiwan is not purely metropolitan. Alishan and Sun Moon Lake are among the stunning natural beauties of our tiny island. Eastern Taiwan features the peaceful and spectacular landscapes such Taroko Gorge and Cingshuei Cliff. 

If you like to island hopping, Taiwan is also perfect for you as Taiwan isnt only a small island itself but it also comprises several smaller islands, and each of them has unique beauty. Kenting, which lies on the southernmost tip of Taiwan, is the Surfer Paradise of Taiwan. 

There are still a lot more places to visit, email us if you need more secret local suggestions from us. 


❥ A “themed tour”

revolves around a special topic. It is perfect for travellers who look for in-depth travel experiences or offbeat lifestyles.

❥ A “workshop”

usually takes place at a studio, and offers an amazing chance to meet local specialists or artisans from different fields, from traditional crafts to special activities.

❥ A “customized tour”

is meticulously tailored for each group of travellers. With your needs and concerns in mind, we create an exclusive itinerary that dazzles with pleasant surprises.

❥ A “package tour”

is especially designed to meet the demands of different types of travellers, providing various combinations of free tours, city tours, multi-day tours, themed tours, or workshops.

❥ A “private tour”

is a riff on our package tour, but organized for you and your travel companions only. There will be no other people in your tour, except the people you have booked the tour for.

❥ A “business tour”

is customized for business purposes, from business travels to team-building trips.

Thoughtfully personalized, each of our customized tours is a sincere gesture to show travellers what Taiwan is like — the land that has nurtured us since our birth. Great listeners that we are, we individualize every tour according to the needs of each traveller or each travel group. We scrutinize every product of our business partners to craft bespoke itineraries that feel uniquely yours.

Yes, Taiwan is a friendly and safe country for you to travel on your own. It is also an island full of stories to be told. 

Taiwan has a tumultuous political history, entwined with diverse cultures, age-old local customs, and many new activities. We know you’ll like Taiwan if you travel on your own, but you will fall in love with Taiwan once you get up close and personal with her on our personalized tours.

While Taiwanese are known for our hospitality, sometimes it will be a bit confusing to arrange everything on you own, as there are several travel systems and some information is offered only in Chinese. 

DearTaiwan is a group of passionate people who love Taiwan, and are eager to share everything we know with you. Our mission is to build a bridge between the island and people who have just embarked on the journey to get to know the real her. We are the best partners you can find in Taiwan.

To ensure the quality of the tour, we try to keep groups as small as possible. Our intention is to keep it intimate and give each of you more chances to interact with our guides and the local people. 

Usually, the maximum of DearTaiwan free tour is 10 people, city tour 8 people, multi-day tour 8 people, while customized tour is for private booking only. 

However, large groups for schools and corporate companies can also be arranged. Further details can be found on the page of each tour.

DearTaiwan free tours operate on a pay-what-you-like basis. 

We’d like to offer budget travellers a great opportunity to explore the city. Pay what you think the tour is worth; you can decide if your guide deserves your appreciation. 

DearTaiwan free tours are the best way to get to know a city and start loving it. Any group of 3-plus people is not suitable for this tour. But you’re welcome to contact us for another arrangement. Reservation and cancellation are necessary for us to maintain the quality of the tour.

Contact us anytime when you need further arrangements. We are more than happy to share our thoughts with you, or arrange a customized tour for you.   

Taiwan is pretty safe and friendly for every traveller regardless of their sex, age, or religion. We always embrace everyone from different cultures and backgrounds. 

For our tours, everyone is welcome as long as your health condition is allowed. For specific tours, they have different rules for the sake of safety, group harmony, or special arrangements. Details are indicated on the page of the tour.

For free and city tours we advise a minimum age of 12, because the tour involves a lot of walking, and some places are not stroller-friendly. 

For the elderly, we would advise a maximum age of 80 for the same reason. However, we love to see you on our tour if you consider your physical conditions are good. 

At the same time, you can always choose a private tour to meet your personal capabilities and interests. E-mail us for special arrangements (

If a tour involves with transportations (excluding airfare), accommodations and guides, usually they are included in the prices. Meals depend on the type of the tour. 

However, every tour differs. Exact details are indicated on the page of each tour on our website. E-mail us before booking if you have any questions.

How to book

Yes. Reservations are necessary as a guarantee for your trip. 

Reservations ahead of time allow us to maintain the quality of every DearTaiwan tour.

❥ “Package tour” – Pick a tour with the date and time you like, follow our website instructions to make a booking. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after the booking is completed. Inform us if you don’t.

❥ “Customized tour” – Go to the Customized page and fill out your requirements and contact info. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Try again to see if there is a typo. 

If it still doesn’t work, e-mail us for further assistance (

We will try our best to get back to your first request within 24 hours. 

After we receive your customized request form, we will provide our tailored-made itinerary to you within 48 hours.

You will pay in NTD.

Yes, reservations are required for any person.  

We will do the best we can to offer accessible tours for everyone. Unfortunately, not every place is barrier free, and not every tour can accommodate wheelchairs or strollers. 

Special conditions may be indicated on the page of each tour on our website. Please contact us before booking to ensure better services.

Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard are all welcome.  

We need to collect your information in order to arrange the trip and other services you request.

Every package tour requires a minimum of a certain number of people. If a tour doesn’t meet the minimum, we will e-mail you to cancel the tour 24 hours prior to the time of the tour. 100% of the fee will be refunded.  

The length of every tour is indicated on the page of each package tour. 

However, the length is reasonably flexible, and depends on the size of the group. For example, a 3-hour tour may be completed in 2.5 hours if there are only 2 people in the group, but may be 3.5 hours if we have a bigger group. 

Our guide will let you know the estimated time of when the tour ends at the beginning of each tour, so you can arrange your next activity properly.

Yes, the system will take to go go through a sign-in procedure before you book any products. 

Do remember you ID and password, you can always sign in and check your upcoming tour and all tour history on your personal profile. 

If you have any problems of sign-in, please write to us (, our team will assist you asap. 

How to attend

Please try to be on time. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before the start time of a tour. We also suggest that you leave some buffer time in consideration of traffic conditions in Taiwan. Out of respect for our other customers, the tour will begin punctually, and late arrivals may be considered cancelled.

Our guides will be standing at the meeting point with a big smile. 

They will be easy to spot, talk to them and sign in before the tour begins. If you cannot find the guide, call him/her. His/her phone number will be provided to you by e-mail within 48 hours before the tour’s start time. 

You need to show your guide your booking confirmation (including your name and booking number) on your smartphone to sign in for a tour. The booking confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail after booking.

People say that it’s like spring all year round in Taiwan. However, we do have summer and winter. Usually the summer can be very hot (30~37℃), and the winter can be a little cold (10~15℃). Also, Taiwan rains heavily in particular months. We suggest that you check the weather forecast before you leave for a tour. Also, sunscreen and mosquito repellent are essential for the summer, and we highly recommend that you bring along your gears (hats, umbrellas, water), but do travel light.

It depends on the number of participants and the vehicles you take. Details are listed on the page of each tour on the website. 

However, if you have special baggage requests, please let us know in advance to ensure a quality service.

No. Gratuities are included in the price of your tour, except for DearTaiwan free tours. The free tour is a tip-based tour.

Usually not. The tour will take place even on a rainy day. 

Cancellations will only happen if the government issues an announcement for school or office closures due to extreme weather conditions such as a typhoon.  

Post-tour / Cancellation

Cancellations can be initiated by sending us an email – do try your best to notify us at least 24 hours in advance. We will respond within two working days. Do note that refund requests are subject to T&Cs.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or suggestions about the booking procedure, the tour, or your entire experience. 

You are more than welcome to contact us ( We can’t wait to hear about your thoughts, and we’ll try our best to make it even better for you next time.

If you’re satisfied with the tour, don’t hesitate to share your happy moments and experiences with us. Tell us what you liked most about the tour, whom you enjoyed meeting, and do share your photos with us. 

You can e-mail us or leave messages on Facebook, Instagram, or TripAdvisor. What you share will motivate us to create even better experiences for you and other customers.

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