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Gallop across the Wadi Rum desert, Climb up the skyscrapers in Tokyo Wake up to the melody of fado in Lisbon, Dawdle at store windows in Milan Worship the divine in Angkor Wat, Indulge in the Thai sense of humor in Bangkok Mesmerized by chameleonic New York, Spellbound by cheerful Oslo Once engulfed in the beauty and solitude of exotic lands, we realize Taiwan has everything we dreamed of. Taiwan’s Alishan Forest Railway meanders through the mountains at a lulling pace that makes Sri Lanka green with envy Taiwan’s peaks and valleys stand in silence, testifying to centuries of geographical transformations Taiwan’s people radiate with genuine passion that tugs at the heartstrings Taiwan’s one-of-a-kind ecosystem boasts native species unparalleled Taiwan’s colonial past has alchemized dark histories into forbearance Taiwan’s profound traditions and temple culture shape the lifestyle of its people An origin of Austronesian languages, Taiwan cradles diverse cultures and ethnicities Though home to a complex political landscape, Taiwan offers the most liveable life one could only wish for Come get to know her better before crowds of tourists beat you to it.

About us

Established in 2019, DearTaiwan is the brainchild of two Taiwanese girls who have seen the historical splendor and modern grandeur of Europe and America, as well as the easeful, unbridled lifestyle of Southeast Asia, but returned home and realized it has been Taiwan that mesmerizes them the most. The mission of DearTaiwan is to build a bridge between the island and the rest of the world that transcends the bounds of geography or politics, highlighting Taiwan as the gem of Asia. We hope to show you the most intimate and authentic experiences immersed in its culture, ancient tradition, and local lifestyle.

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Cheerful Tour Established in 2006, Cheerful tour is an corporate team-building travel agency, wu mainly focused on oversea travel service up to 1200 persons, our customers were Trend Micro, Ogilvy Taiwan, FamilyMart, Audrey, LCS & Partners Law Firm...etc. Gogo Holiday Established in 2012, the core value of Gogo holiday is to create more delicate travel solutions for corporates. Gogo holiday is an upgrade version of Cheerful tour, it is not only involved in team-building travel services, it also undertakes business travel solution. Also, Gogo Holidays provded customized tours for business travels to Taiwan. Dear Taiwan The two founders have traveled all over the wolrld and realized Taiwan has world's richest species, diverse cultures and magnificent natures, they established the company and wish to share more about Taiwan with the world.

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